Welcome to Transcendent Promo!

We promote music from up and coming artists mainly in the genres of R&B, Hip-Hop and will slowly expand into different genres as we see fit. We strive to provide you with quality music from some of the dopest up and coming artist from around the world. We also feature Film reviews courtesy of Nerd Soup.

This is a place where people and other creators can come and discover something new and unique. Something that they can enjoy and share with other people who have similar interest. You will always find something fresh on this website. You might find something that you may have never heard of and all of a sudden fall in love with it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about showing love and spreading it. It will be a beautiful thing if we can transcend and all put our egos aside. Let’s give each other a helping hand so that everyone has a chance to progress. We all put the time and work in. Let’s become visible and recognized together.

Transcendent Promo is a subsidiary of Transcendent Arts. Also, it is the promotional platform for creators from all walks of life. The goal is plain and simple, to increase engagement and awareness, period.

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