Ziyaad Luceō

Toronto is the city that lives on its nightlife. We’ve learned from Drake and The Weeknd that that scene loves to get sensual. Ziyaad Luceō is one of Toronto’s up and coming artists looking to take that to the next step. Ziyaad Luceō gets personal in Late Night Calls, his latest EP that lays it all on the line.

Listening through Late Night Calls really puts you into the scene Luceō sings about. ‘Good Evening Melodies’ brings the record to a fittingly sensual start, establishing that smooth Toronto vibe. Luceō spends the rest of the record really expanding on that sound. Lots of the sonic soundscapes build upon the last; ‘TWYB’ has a jagged, somewhat dissonant synth line that really grabs your attention, adding to the dynamic of the Toronto nightlife scene.

The most important part of this EP is Luceō’s own voice. Toronto’s more notorious artists live a much more glamorous life than the city’s underground community. Luceō falls somewhere in between the newcomer area and the celebrity line, and the way he handles it really shows on the EP. ‘The After-Party’ is the most central song to the theme of the album, its pulsing synths supporting the smooth vocals, where Luceō sings about wanting to get rid of all the unnecessary games and cut to the chase.

Ziyaad Luceō gets personal in Late Night Calls, giving the Toronto nightlife scene a fresh breathe of life. It’s not overly glamorous, but it’s just right.

Stream the EP below.



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