Mad Squablz’s ‘HUMBLE.’ Remix Is A Fiery Proclamation Of Success

MAd Squablz

Mad Squablz has ben killing the game since the beginning of the year when he dropped a fiery track called ‘My Soul’s Reparations’ at the dawn of the new year. That song had a big Kendrick Lamar vibe to it with its powerful and loud delivery, and it becomes all the more fitting as now he’s back with a new verse of Kendrick’s ‘HUMBLE.’

A qualm I have with Kendrick’s ‘HUMBLE.’ is that it feels very out of character for him to put himself on a high horse. When Squablz tackles the track, he really embodies the vibe while still delivering blistering lines. The signature guitar in the intro pounds before Squablz comes in with immediately wild bars. There are some really creative lines on this track that make his message of dominance even stronger: “Silence a desolate pessimist / Flow is so holy turn Muslim to Methodist” and “Let ‘em hate some more / Erase the fake / Deflate the force / I take ya place and wage a war / Arrange a way to plague a source then I waste any taste of joy” are not only some really impressive lines but their delivery is just so confident that it feels almost like Mad Squablz surpassed Kendrick.

Kendrick made headlines with DAMN. and its powerful messages and delivery, but Mad Squablz has taken the ugly duckling of the record and gave it a new luster. Mad Squablz’s ‘HUMBLE.’ remix is a fiery proclamation of success and is the next chapter of his takeover.

Check out “The Art Of Boom Bap: Generation Next” EP by Mad Squablz on SoundCloud


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