TruthCity - A Matter Of Time

The world can be a rough place. It’s full of unexpected turns and obstacles that keep coming at us. Hip-hop is one of the avenues in which those struggles are most truthfully explained and told.

Upcoming artist TruthCity knows very well what struggle means. Without a dollar to his name, he moved to New York City with nothing more than a dream and a purpose. His lyrics are the product of all his struggles and his determination. All those years living on his friends’ floors have brought him to where he his. His new song ‘A Matter Of Time’ revisits some of those darker times.

Accentuated by a dark, flowing beat, TruthCity spits powerful bars about the struggles of living a poor life and trying to make it every day. His flow is comparable to Kendrick Lamar, and that goes in more ways than one – tonality, purpose, and conviction can all be traced back to Lamar’s music. The lyrics depict a revealing image of what he went through, “trying to fathom my dreams… If I make it, we’ll see / For now, there’s one thing I know / And it’s that I ain’t trying to struggle no more” summing it all up in one sweet yet powerful response.

Everything about ‘A Matter Of Time’ rings truth. From the reassuring and heartwarming tapes played throughout the song to the very nature of TruthCity’s words, the struggles he went through are truly evident. His debut album While You Were Sleeping is out soon.



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