MAUJ - Mind

The premise of R&B has become a very atmospheric and sensual experience. MAUJ has delivered a very soulful R&B track titled ‘Mind,’ producer dF giving the song dimension.

It’s very easy to get caught up in making the same sounding R&B over and over again, so artists and producers both need to work hand in hand to try and escape the zeitgeist of the genre while still maintaining core elements. ‘Mind’ has a lot of interesting things going on it; MAUJ’s crystalline voice is one of them. Her sweet, glossy voice rings with a slight electronic vocoder to it, drawing from BANKS. Her voice dances atop the flowing instrumental, the sweet synths acting with her vocals to create an even more sensual experience.

The other half of the song is its instrumental. It may seem pretty safe from the surface, but it does have some interesting things going for it. One of those things is the beat – it’s almost like a hip-hop beat, the bass hits synths and the hi-hats crackling quickly. There are these interjections that really add a strong accentuation to the song, giving MAUJ’s sensual tone a sense of urgency. The dreamy background pianos and various synths paint a mysterious picture, providing a beautiful scene to go with the dramatic track.

MAUJ has a niche going for her; she’s a fresh face in the R&B scene, so there’s time to capitalize. She has everything she needs to be the next big thing.



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