Mad Squablz - My Soul Reparations

A new year means a new opportunity for change. 19-year old Philadelphia-based rapper Mad Squablz has brought the new year in with some new beats. His new track “My Soul’s Reparations” rings with a sense of oppression and, furthermore, encourages its listener to help change the ways of society.

A recurring theme in hip-hop is black oppression. There’s little denying that the concept is true, to a degree. There is still reason to try and inhibit change and equality. Mad Squablz makes that message very evident in this new song. Beginning the track with a man saying “I am happy to report that the recession is officially over, and we have nobody to thank but all these black people, with their taste for expensive clothes, fancy course, and, of course, gaudy jewelry,” there’s already an overlying statement about stereotypes giving the track some edge. Squablz bursts forward in the track atop an urgent beat, an oppressed instrumental moving softly in the background, asserting his position against his position against stereotypes. With bars like “they keep us buying but we supply what they need to make it,” Mad Squablz brings to light the fact that society is not brought down by its black members – rather, it is brought forward by them, just as anyone else.

Mad Squablz’ new track rings like a Kendrick Lamar track – powerful, a message about oppression taking precedence over the beat. Going into 2017, we must remember to move forward. Change is in our hands.

Check out “The Art Of Boom Bap: Generation Next” EP by Mad Squablz on SoundCloud



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