J.O.Y Amplifies "Room Of Life" With Powerful Music Video


Music videos are often times seen as a dying art. It’s increasingly becoming quite the contrary, though. Sure, they don’t have the same affect they did back in the mid-200s or late 90s, but the concept of them are certainly not a dying concept.

That being said, music videos are undeniably under appreciated. The artistic statement gets lost in the music, the visual acting as just an eyepiece while you focus on what’s in your ears. German singer/songwriter J.O.Y (Judgement Of Yesterday) has a new music video out for his new project UYU/0, and its aesthetic is an example of how music can be accentuated by a visual aid such as this.

A lot of passion and sensuality is contained in the music video. It appropriately fits the Mixtape – which on its own is already mysterious and captivating. Each track has a longing, sweet, and sensual, resonating with both lust and swagger. The vibe as a whole has roots in both R&B and hip-hop – think The Weeknd meets the atmosphere of Banks. This isn’t just another collection of songs about sex – it’s about the darkness of love, and it’s almost tangible.

The music video is separated into different parts, each part featuring a different song. The first track – which is unreleased as of now – introduces the music video, it’s haunting, reverberating piano chords ringing darkly alongside the monochromatic filtered video. This part features J.O.Y staring off aimlessly, kissing a woman sensually, and the creepy visual of two quartz angels slowly moving. There’s a serene innocence in this first part of the video as if it was something you wouldn’t want to touch as to not disturb its undisturbed beauty.

After a kaleidoscope of fire brings the video into its next track (also an unreleased track), a more dramatic scene plays, J.O.Y’s and the woman from the previous scene’s faces flashing in and out as they stare back at you. The faces are varied, sometimes solid, other times cut in half and combined with each other’s, and some even slowly dissipating into the background. This is followed up by a snippet of the track ‘Smoke,’ a much simpler scene as J.O.Y passionately sings his track while sitting on a sofa surrounded by multiple clones of the same mystery woman.

The setting changes to a red room, where J.O.Y and the woman can be seen in multiple places around the room talking and arguing. The two are separated in the final scene, where they both stand in a room full of candles, the camera rotating around to showcase both of them. This scene is perhaps the most mindblowing, as the floor is mirrored on either side, the two on the opposite side of each other at all times. The video primarily shows J.O.Y on the opposite side of the woman, but the scene ends as she looks up and him, without even trying to reach. The video ends, the words “You will never find me” ominously flashing on the screen.

This music video is more than just a showcasing of effects. It’s a story of relationships – the initial moments of the irresistible urge of each other and the infatuation. Somewhere along the lines, that bond begins to weaken, and the passion diminishes, arguments brewing before finally, what was once a beautiful connection now became a spiraling, confused thought of the past. J.O.Y has proven that music videos are more than just a trivial statement – they have the potential to elevate every emotion.

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