K. Forest - Eyes Of Taiga

Brampton artist, K. Forest has released his second project this year and Eyes of Taiga is the perfect production to close out the year with. Eyes of Taiga is a strong and confident declaration of K. Forest’s talent. This album is not a one-man show; K. Forest received some co-production help from dF, Ye Ali, Bizness Boi, and Cardiak. K. Forests’ work in Eyes of Taiga should not be overlooked though since he did have a hand in producing the album, plus he wrote and performed each song. His commitment to the project can be heard within every song; the passion, diligence, and enthusiasm can be heard in the intricate beats and hard-hitting lyrics within every track.

The album tells the story of an artist who is certain of the path he’s taking with his music; each song carries a different story and as a whole, the album captures the maturity of K. Forest’s songwriting skills as well as the uniqueness of his intricate beats. “Eyes of Taiga” flawlessly jumps between upbeat Hip Hop to a softer R&B sound without ever disturbing the flow of the entire album.

Being that Eyes of Taiga was the first project from K. Forest that I would be listening to; I was a bit anxious. Thankfully, the anxiety wore off within the first song because he had me hooked with the intro track: “Salvation”. This is a song about finding the good within the chaos, “Help me release at least/ Help me just on my feet/ You help me stay concrete/ You help me feel complete/ You’re my lucky charm/ You protect me from harm/ When they point that firearm.” We live in a chaotic world so I immediately find myself gravitating towards songs that give you a glimpse of the positivity in the world.

“Attached” is another one of his standout songs; this one gears more towards the Hip Hop side of things but the sentiment behind it is what truly stood out. He sings, “Don’t get attached to me, don’t you hassle me/Hate it had to be, just me by myself burning calories”; it’s the confidence in himself as a solo performer that captured my attention. As a society, we are constantly looking for approval from everyone else and we often forget to appreciate what we create and ourselves. K. Forest’s undeniable belief in his talent is what urges me to fall in love with his music.

After listening to the album a couple of times, it’s his confidence in himself which makes me want to listen to the rest of his projects. The fact that he consistently puts out pieces of work is what made me realize that this is only the beginning for K. Forest. This artist is on his way to the top and I, for one, will be along for the exciting ride.



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