Mula & Omar i$Lord - F.D.Y.M.

The nature of hip-hop in the modern age has become one where production is what truly matters. If the flow can match what the production offers, then you have a standout track.

Such is the case of Mula’s new track “F.D.Y.M.” featuring Omar Islord. The track is a blistering, confident exclamation of his threat in the music industry. “F.D.Y.M.” makes it clear that Mula isn’t just another run-of-the-mill rapper – he’s a force to be reckoned with. The hook of the track declares “I do my thing… I’m tryin’ to live like a king. Fuck do you mean? It’s more than diamonds and rings – I shine when I’m on the scene,” Mula asserting his presence and kingly vibe and position in the genre. Omar Islord’s verse is similar, discussing the “new era” of hip-hop and the challenge of success in it.

The instrumental has to compliment the flow. The beat is a classic hip-hop beat, sweet fills occasionally making their way into the background. The primary synth swims in the background, lightly reverberating through the soundscape, providing for a very spacious atmosphere. Additional synths build up throughout the track, giving each part of the track some variety. The bass synths give the song some Future vibes, as well.

You can’t miss out on the Mula track – “F.D.Y.M.” is a fresh new sound for underground hip-hop, bringing the confidence and energy ten-fold.


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