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Michael “ fka CJ Tonic” Charles now known as “Scootie” started off in Pittsburgh; which is where he picked up singing at a young age. Though I’m sure the journey to get to now wasn’t easy, it produced a piece of work like his EP Heart of Gold, so I would say that it was definitely worth it. Heart of Gold by Scootie is the kind of EP that connects with the audience from the moment the first song starts. Every track is sincere in its delivery and composed by honest lyrics that connect with the audience immediately.

Heart of Gold is a well thought out EP, it stands alone in its confidence and its assurance that this is a product by a true artist. Each track contains a piece of a story that is completely worth telling and the musical ride keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Each song is unique in its presentation and yet the entire EP feels like an entire story that needs to be listened to.

“H.O.G” kicks off the EP and it’s a perfect introduction. Scootie starts the song in his Falsetto voice and immediately captures your attention. “H.O.G” is enticing in its vulnerability and with the way that each word is pronounced in a genuine tone, “I can give you my mind and my soul. I can give you my heart girl.” In “Hot Boy”, which is a collaboration with Roger Will, Scootie stands in his unapologetic confidence. The track could easily come off arrogant or presumptuous and yet you will find yourself applauding his confidence.

“Rendezvous” may be the stand out track of the EP. It features Asia Major and the song carries the heart and soul of a modern-day “slow jam”. Scootie and Asia’s vocals flow effortlessly into each other and they transition between verses beautifully. While listening to the EP, it becomes fairly apparent that Scootie is carving his own path. The theme of relationships is heavy on the EP, no matter where in a relationship you may be, Heart of Gold will have a song that you can relate to.

This R&B/ Hip Hop creation is endearing in its authentic nature, each lyric sounds carefully crafted and the intricate beats make the entire EP hypnotizing. Heart of Gold is the perfect combination of that old-school “slow jams” feeling and the catchy beats of modern R&B. This EP is 9 tracks of storytelling and each song contains some heart, some truth, and some raw talent. If this is what the beginning sounds like for Scootie, I can’t wait to see what he creates after a few years of success.

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