[Album Review] Brooklyn Musician, Soft Glas Releases the Mellow Music You’ve Been Waiting For with Late Bloom

Soft Glas - Late Bloom

Well…it was hard to get out of the couch after listening to this but check this out:

Soft Glas is this talented individual from Brooklyn, NY. He knows how to bring the season’s greetings to his listeners. The feel good mellow that you listeners usually look for in music is finally here.

Soft Glas claims that he is scared of growing up and not being able to be the person that he wanted to be. I think we all share that fear, some are able to hide it better than others and some are able to embrace it and don’t believe it’s a choice to live with. Those people would work crazy hours and live unhappy lives for years to come. But for individuals such as Soft Glas – someone had to draw a line. In fact, in his case, it was him, and he was the one who drew the line for himself by releasing this tape.

I personally dig this album ’cause I can’t help but reminisce both, good and bad times, especially because of the saxophone in his songs, haunts me. It reminds me of the fall season last year and the year before and so on. I feel that the saxophone is very New York. The saxophone generates this unique harmony that has given me goosebumps, countless times. I would think of associating my most dramatic memories to the highest note that the saxophone hits in Soft Glas’s music; the closest I can get to describing the sensation is deja vu, because I relate it to the fact that “oh I’ve felt this way before!” despite the change in time and place.

I could argue that the saxophone reminds me of how this album would ideally be something that artists like J. Cole or Bas would take samples from. The best time to be in New York is usually late spring or early fall season because the weather is great- not too chilly, not too humid either, the best songs of the year usually come out during those seasons. So now, hopefully, you and I can both relate to this sensation. Electro music is a very diversified genre. The vocals mixed with trip-hop and chill step, create their own sub-genre; this puts Soft Glas in a league of his own too.

“Somewhere” is one of my favorite tracks on the tape. This maybe one of those songs you can sink into the couch too. Similarly, other tracks like “Latency”, “Round” and “Blanking”, “Yosemite” and “Dealing in Hypotheticals” serve as the driving force in the album with a brief interlude in between the 2 sets of songs, ‘cause there had to be a pause in the flow of all of them feels homie… damn!

Soft Glas’s tape is called Late Bloom, for obvious reasons ‘cause the man himself is a late seasonal bloom himself. This tracklist is definitely going down as one of my favorites, so far, that I’ve written a review for. So, you see? you’ve my word now, go on and give this a listen.



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