JUS - Summer's Over

The season’s fresh – JUS is going to bring in some warmth this fall. His new single “Summer’s Over” is going to blanket you from the cold city and even colder people.

Kavar may have produced this track but JUSTUSraps is your shooter here!! He gets real, despite those occasional warm days we receive during the fall, he’s the one out here to emphasize that summer time is basically… over. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant reminder but you see this is what the fall is about. When artists like JUS drop fire, it makes us somewhat resilient to the cold and it makes the transitioning from one season to another…bearable. JUS does not disappoint, we’ve witnessed some serious heat come through from Long Island, NY in the past and Long Island continues to be on a roll.

This is the kind of jam I’d listen to after a hard day’s hustle, on a drive home to get some thinking out of the way. JUS’s verses are relatable to many since his struggle is no different than ours. What he does is that he is able to project his message with clarity in his verses and chorus, through acknowledging his very own struggle. I don’t exactly know what it is, but to the human ear listening to someone else talk about their struggle and being able to relate to it provides us a sense of comfort. I like to think it makes us feel as if we’re not alone and when we acknowledge someone else’s struggle, we feel united and we feel good about ourselves. So go ahead! You’re only a click away from giving “Summer’s Over” a listen and get that euphoric feel!

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Check out the unofficial YouTube video of “Summer’s Over”



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