Young Izz - Dear Winter

Dear Winter is a story Young Izz sums up and splits it into 5 different tracks. Yes! if you’re wondering…this is THAT mixtape with Kill it With a Pen. This mixtape tackles his story on Long Island, the dude knows what’s good!! There’s a new hype amongst these artists where they would put a very R&B and a melodic chorus in a hip hop song. Young Izz not only does he rap but, in fact, he nails his chorus’s with those melodic vocals. The melodic vocals can be heard in tracks like Believe, Get Wit This or That and Kill it with a Pen

Dear Winter addresses that period of time during the course of the year where everyone has to hustle but they’re snowed in due to the weather.  When they’re snowed in, they have to add a whole new level of hustling on top of their daily struggles to remove the snow from their pavements and for them to stomp over the snow to get from point A to point B. This mixtape was released during that period, Young Izz puts out a clear statement that he knows how to keep his flow and stay productive regardless of how harsh the winter may seem. 

After dropping this mixtape, he actually has a message as an outro for his fans. His outro can be heard in One More Chance. No arguing on the fact that man has the motivation, the ambition and the drive towards being one of the greatest…but we’ll see in years to come! For now, we just gotta give him some time to spit more fire into the game!!!

Artists like Young Izz, they’re fresh and they bring new talent to the table, so it’s substantially important for us as readers to give them the support they need because we’re ultimately helping the man dream out!!

Go give this EP a listen!!

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