Jazzy - Bonnie EP

You know when you end up on a particular part of Soundcloud, where the music gets good and you welcome the opportunity to sit down and kick back!?! Jazzy is one of those artists that I can kick back to. You readers have to give Jazzy’s Bonnie a listen!!

Jazzy brings her talents from Paterson, NJ onto Soundcloud. As a listener, you’ll hear that she uses several jazz instruments such as a saxophone to establish grounds for her melody to flow. This mixtape according to the 2016 standard is considered to be fire and is worth listening to by everyone. The tracks on this EP share a blend of jazz and R&B with ofc Jazzy’s soothing vocals.

Bonnie is Jazzy’s message to the world with 8 tracks. The one thing she’s fighting is her loneliness since most of the songs in this mixtape are love songs. She put out this mixtape because once you hear it, you realize that she knows what she wants; she knows how to fight her loneliness and angst. Only through fighting your loneliness do you realize what you really want in life. Jazzy did that and it rewarded her the euphoric satisfaction when she dropped this mixtape. This should tell you readers something about her, she possesses a strong character and that’s a trait of someone remarkable.

This for me is a bedroom mixtape. Definitely, something I’d wanna play in the bedroom or somewhere inside a cabin in the woods overlooking the mountains. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Jazzy’s tracks get lyrically deeper, song by song. You can hear the saxophone in harmony with Jazzy’s vocals in songs like Your Name, Show Me and You Are.

Transitioning from summer mode to fall, isn’t easy. But my playlists make it bearable. Minerva is definitely on there, along with Your Name, Late Nitez, Show Me, You Are and Fly WIth Me. I have a taste for being surprised, listening to up and coming homegrown talent such as Jazzy. I’m just a blogger but she has a bright future ahead of herself!!

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