YE Ali - TrapHouseJodeci

Well here’s an album you could put on as you pregame for the long weekend or at 5 am when you return home from a night out. THJ or TrapHouseJodeci by YE Ali is just the album, I needed to hear in order to crossfade from the summer into the fall.

YE Ali talks about his struggle in the Mid-West in a fast moving world. For someone who’s trending, I imagine it’s hard to slow down.

The samples on this album are incredible. “Ammunition” is an example of how the track itself blows the listener off their feet with the vocals and the saxophone in the background going hand in hand. YE Ali knows what’s good. The West Coast vibe that this mixtape emotes takes me to a very chill place. In my head, I like to think that there’s a spot on the West Coast with my own name on it where I can tune into artists such as YE Ali and zone out to. YE Ali goes hard in tracks like “Fulla Diamonds”, his vocals hit those high notes and channels them through a tunnel of his own.

Artists that are trending as we speak (like YE Ali himself) use their own vocals for the chorus and the verse, in other words, a very R&B chorus would intertwine perfectly with a rap verse all thanks to one skillful individual, YE Ali. When that baseline starts to kick in and the rap verse meets the R&B chorus, that’s trap music and it’s the new millennial war cry.

I think it’s important to acknowledge other people’s struggle in their relationships because hearing someone else’s story and being able to relate it to your struggle helps build bridges that artists like YE Ali through tracks such as “Flights & Breakups”, make it easier to walk across to the other side.

What I personally dig about YE is that his music may have been inspired by mainstream artists but it allowed him to create a lane of his own where he’s the one driving with the top off. I’m starting to think that it maybe just a West Coast thing but I gotta give credit where it’s due. YE Ali was what I wanted to hear to help me transition from Summer 2016 to Fall 2016. I hope it does the same for y’all too!

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