Dave B - Tomorrow

“Tomorrow” truly has captured the essence of the today’s hip hop sound, paying homage to hip hop’s roots, with a futurist flare. It is very clear that Dave B is a student of Hip Hop’s evolution. With classic samples and references hidden in almost every track, this artist wants us to know that he knows where he comes from. Dave B gives the best of both world with a soulful vocal and smooth lyrical styling. A crossover a lot of artist attempt but few see success with. Production wise, “Tomorrow” is clean, crisp and cohesive from beginning to end. A cultivated sound that you can just let play without interruption. 

Dave B is a storyteller. If you are looking for a track that is really a brag list of recent purchases, and vacations that listeners can’t afford, (and some of the rappers) then this is not the project for you. Dave B is very aware of who is listening to his music, and he speaks to them, their stories, and their lives. Needless to say, Dave B is relatable. Each track could almost be converted into a chapter in the book of this generations African American Male.

This project speaks to his female listeners especially. There is an unspoken narrative of the new aged love story faced by millennials, and young artist. Dave B lets listeners into his mind with tracks like “Do not Disturb” where he discusses a very familiar mood we all encounter once or twice a month. “Just so we clear, I hope that was everything you had to say. My phone going do not disturb, at least for a couple of days, please spare me that he said.” The necessity of unplugging from the flash news generation we are all a part of. 

This project is a definitive work. Even with the progression, it shows from some of his earlier works such as “Punch Drunk” you can still see the consistency in style and artistry. Dave B is surely an artist to be watched closely. Until then we will stay “Zonin”

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