K. Forest

I once heard someone say that one to should drop all bangers in one mixtape instead of selling them over a series of time. Well, today I have a perfect example of a mixtape that consists of only hits, Forest Fire by K. Forest.

I felt like there was a need to buckle my seat belt as if there was one attached to my chair before I took the time to listen to this mixtape. This mixtape took me through a very dark spiral, there is a sense of comfort in it actually cause I felt like this was lust for the color Scarlett red in the air. The sensation was brought upon by K. Forest’s dark RnB vocals. I’d play this mixtape in a bedroom. This mixtape sets a romantic atmosphere too, Wifey, Soigne, Mutual (ft. Aaliyah), Scarlett and O.M.M. will take you there just like they took me.

This spiral kinda made me realize that his message is that it takes a certain amount of alienation to actually become part of today’s society. If you took a moment to think about what alienates you, things like loneliness or any sort of a social vendetta, for instance, you could easily relate to Forest Fire as well as to other people who share similar instances. But what this mixtape does is that once you listen to it, it takes you in and out of the spiral in a very smooth and comfortable manner. When it’s all over you will obtain this sense of euphoria ‘cause it grants you the kind of confidence you need for your own good.

The project was fully produced, mixed and mastered by dF. There were only two features on the project. Brampton’s own Jaiden does his thing on “Tippin”. Pro Era’s CJ Fly can be heard blessing the mic on “Brown Eyes Noir”.

Overall this mixtape is fire, I personally cannot wait for him to drop another project after having heard this. The man gets my follow!!

Now there’s a ton of news flyin’ around regarding the recent forest fires this summer, how do you like this for a change?



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