Jay Cass

When an artist is growing older, it means a lot especially when one is possessed with lyrical talents. Jay Cass is no exception. After 3 years of working, you can feel some maternity in “Growing Pains” as he’s contemplating through the rhymes and verse. This gives us the sudden epiphany, a spiritual journey through the rapping and chill down tempo feel in his music. Things you won’t find in everyday music.

The synth sampler’s played around like it’s supposed to be, similar to what you can find in most of the chill wave connoisseur ears. We can also portray NY’s harsh life inside his lyrics, where every price is up with no concern and we know no more about who we are. A little echo is added up, which reminds us of a space-like experience inside post-rock-esque music where our ears are being played up. We also can feel an unknown sadness through the whole song, uncommon in a good way. It’s the best song to cure your wet yet tiring day ahead.

Jay Cass is expected to release his next full-length project titled “To Whom It May Concern”. A release date has not been announced but stay tuned and check his social media for updates.



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