While chill-hop or down tempo hip-hop genres are popular among hipsters and daily music enthusiasts, there’s a name you don’t want to miss. He’s Kalik Osborne or mostly known as KOS, a rapper and music producer from Palmdale, California. He’s been working on his music for a year and has already produced some cool music for every ear explorer. His work can be identified with the strong influential sounds of electronica and a mixture of soul and blues.

His current notable single, ‘Nicotine’ is actually pretty cool. You will find it easy to listen to, unlike other rap music which requires more to understand the lyrics. The auto-tune vocalizer used in the song may irritate you a little bit, but you’ll enjoy it anyway, especially when the music hits a minute long. It brings you to the next level of aesthetic hip-hop music, combining easy-to-remember lyrics and ambient feels. A few drum beats and a repeated synth sample get you nodding to parts of the song you can relate to.

As the music plays, you will feel some dejected feeling, because KOS keeps saying “she’s no good for me”. We can even say, KOS gives us a Morrissey-kind of a song in rap music. Try to play it more than 3 times in a row, you will find it similar to what The Smith fans moan about.

This single indeed needs more attention for mass publication. It is one of those songs you listen to inside your locked room on the night your lover sends you a dumping letter.



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