Summer sounds and a mental visual of crashing waves flow through the cinematic vibe of the intro track to the DAYBREAK EP. The journey begins at D/\VVN. This project notes likes a robust red wine. Channeling many of the varied and great tastes that make up the sound of current alternative hip hop and R&B music. The film like story arch, complied with unruffled production, and the lyrical stream of consciousness, helps APOLLO to illustrate the story of how the now generation loves, lives and creates art.

Each track seamlessly transitions to the next, giving the project an even flow. Each track breathing, and full with a voice that can listen can adhere to their individual situations. My track is “PST// F L W R S”. The intro of soft knocking sounds similar to a heartbeat, which is fitting with the tracks lyrical content. APOLLO’s flow on this track is a cross between early Drake and very early Frank Ocean. A spoken word sound with rap flow undertones, and then at 5:29 things get real. The vibe change takes the track up, shining a light on a new direction, on the already traveled path.

APOLLO lyrically delivers. “I always seemed to find the things I never needed,” is a line that speaks to the mindset of a lot of artists finding their way through life and industry. “Used to be into photography, capturing moments, you knew me back when now its condolences for the lost time that we wasted.” APOLLO lets listeners know that yes, this is rap, but here is a metaphor, and some similes. Giving texture that the mind can enjoy as well as the ear.

3:47AM ends the project leaving you wondering what’s to come in the following moments that lead to the sunrise. Do things change, or do we circle back to D/\VVN? I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.

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