Passport General

As far as the game goes, Passport General is radiating some serious heat from Long Island. The new mixtape – Thoughts of Getting Richer dropped on the 19th of July, addresses the modern subcultured trap that nourishes in suburban NY (Long Island).

In Thoughts of Getting Richer, Passport puts forth struggle towards success and debauchery. The debauchery echoes in his music and steps his game up to the main stage. The man Passport knows his rhymes and through the repetition of key words from his catchy verses and choruses, he’s able to add his very own NY touch. His songs have a slight touch of R&B samples in the background. Hence, making his productions unique in their own specific manner. In Passport’s work- R&B blends in with trap, often creating a dark but subtle ambiance in his flows, which provide a sense of comfort to the listeners as they jam.

People often associate the daily struggle of NY with regards to the inner city struggle, while that may be true in some cases… Passport proves that there are artists in areas of Long Island amplified to tell their stories. In the mixtape, Passport goes in heavy in songs like Lonely (Prod. By RedHeatBeats), In the Cut (Pro. By Steez Beatz) and Today (Pro. By KrissiO). He tackles the millennial struggle dating 2016- under which we millennials are held accountable towards being knowledgeable in relationships, daily struggles and other experiences etc. He is en route to success and at the end of the day, he delivers the message of his voice demanding to be heard by new fans.

Passport will continue to drop fire similar to Thoughts of Getting Richer, follow him on Insta / Soundcloud and Twitter for more news and special updates…’cause who knows this one time you might receive an update which states that Passport General is playing in your area and then should this article come to your mind if you decide to go, would you still go?

Passport General Lets Go!

Stream “Thoughts Of Getting Richer” and let us know what you think in comments.


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