Attention all independent artists and musicians! This year I developed a new mindset for writing. For every blog post created I have made it a goal to write 300 plus words. At the very least 300. This will help upcoming independent artists and musicians with or without any blog features at the moment.

All independent artists know that publicity is publicity. Whether free or paid your music will speak for itself. If people like your music they will more than likely share and repost it. Of course, this will lead to more traffic in the future. If you are not aware, my goal with Transcendent Promo is to help you increase engagement and awareness.

If you’re an independent artist and/or musician looking to be featured here’s what I need you to do. First you will have to fill out a questionnaire. This will help myself and potential supporters understand you better as independent artists and musicians on the rise. Some of these questions I came up with myself and some have been curated by me with the help of the internet.

The info will assist and allow me to create a detailed and optimized post for search engines to crawl and analyze. This will help rank the post high in search engines (ex. Google, Bing). Once the content has been optimized people searching your name will easily be able to find you. You don’t have to answer all the questions but I encourage you to answer as many you can as this will serve as the basis for me to create the post.

Second, if this is something you are interested in I will need you to submit your response to Attach photos that you want to share, if any and the link to the music you want to be featured. Make sure your music is of decent listening quality. If I feel the quality of the recording is not up to par I will not post it. I will let you know. Afterwards, I will send you the questions once you have sent me an email. I will share the post on all my social media networks. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube (possibly, I’m working on it.), Google Plus and SoundCloud (with your permission). I look forward to hearing from you.

*Update: Below I’ve created a Typeform. All independent artists should fill it out ASAP. I will get back to you afterwards.

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**Disclaimer: I do not have any control whatsoever over how people will feel about your song. I don’t guarantee any amount of likes, comments, listens, shares, or reposts. I just try my best to get it exposed to as many eyes and ears as possible. Results may vary for different independent artists.


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