Title: HardBodyFall Out (feat. Supa Beatz) [Prod. By Supa Beatz]

HardBody is back with another single called “Fall Out”. If you’re a hard working individual that’s all about your paper then this is the song for you. It has a club vibe type of sound that will have you ready to go out and splurge. If you on a budget you might want to think twice before you “BALL” out. A simple yet catchy hook with hard hittin’ 808’s to complement it.

Feelin himself on this one HardBody can be heard flowing effortlessly. He honestly sounds like he’s just having fun with it and you should too. The track features Supa Beatz who is also responsible for the production of the sound. The single will be featured on his upcoming album, Sleep On Your Bed, Not On Me. This will be his 5th full-length project to date.

As far as release date according to HardBody he is expecting to drop it sometime in March. That’s what it’s looking like right now but it is not a guarantee. Sources say the project will have features from frequent collaborators on a few tracks. You can expect to see artists such as Syn Kasualty, Ya Boy Con and MaddRick making guest appearances.

Previous projects such as Concrete Veins 2 can be downloaded on DatPiff and streamed on SoundCloud. If you’re interested in finding more of his music you can check his SoundCloud, DatPiff and ReverbNation profile. He recently dropped two tracks 4 months ago which according to will also be on the Sleep On Your Bed, Not On Me album. The tracks can be found titled as It All Changes” and “Please Don’t”The song “Please Don’t” will give you a preview of what to expect from guest appearing artist Syn Kasualty.

On top of music HardBody also does graphic design. So if you need artwork he will supply with that as well. Other than that just sit back, put your headphones or turn your speakers on and vibe. Let me know what you think about this HardBody song in the comments section below. Remember criticism is always accepted. Just keep it positive and constructive. You can download the single here. Enjoy!

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