After months of anticipation Judgement of Yesterday aka J.O.Y. for short finally releases the visuals to the track titled “Nole”. The video was released yesterday no pun intended. The song is the intro track off of his recent collaboration with Beebs Productions titled “Between The Hours EP”. The video production was handled by Tom Gerhart. The Aschaffenburg native has been dropping a significant amount of gems since last year. J.O.Y. has garnered a couple thousand plays on SoundCloud and a few hundreds of followers along the way. This following has been steadily growing as he continues to progress and release new material.

Before the release of the “Nole” video, J.O.Y. dropped a new song 11 days ago titled “All About It”. It has already gained 3,000+ listens, 200 likes and 54 repost’s. When you listen to him his soft voice will remind of an artist who recently put out a project titled “Beauty Behind the Madness”. Are they similar in a way? Some will say yes some will say no. I’ll let you decide. But I can definitely hear the influence. The people I already showed his songs to have been telling me he does kind of sound like The Weeknd during his House Of Balloons era. To be compared to an artist of this caliber is a total compliment.

To date, Judgement of Yesterday has released three full projects in total. In chronological order, they are “Sober Thoughts”, “Awaken EP” which is my personal favorite out of them all and would recommend you all give it a listen, as a matter of fact you should give them all a listen. Lastly is the aforementioned “Between The Hours EP”. All of these projects can be streamed on SoundCloud and are also available for purchase on BandCamp and are all nicely crafted creative work of art. You will be doing yourself and your ears justice. If you like the artist don’t hesitate to show your support. Let me know what you guys think about J.O.Y. in the comments below. Criticism is welcomed as long as it’s constructive and positive. Enjoy!

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  1. Very intriguing article, I do see the resemblance in the work or the two artist. I absolutely loved the Weekends work, so i’m sure J.O.Y won’t disappoint.


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