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Marketing music on the Internet comes down to one thing that you should always keep at the front of your mind when you’re trying to get new fans.

The big secret is that you need to build your mailing list with even single piece of marketing you do. If you can get 1000 true fans on your list they will buy everything you ever do, come to all your shows and tell all their friends how good you are.

You really can’t put a price on that kind of following!

So know we know what our goals is we need to take some steps to get there.

PHASE 1 – This is where you set up your website with a pop up that collects email addresses

PHASE 2 – Now you need to get traffic to your website:

1. Write a blog post every day talking about news in your music niche.

2. Get a ping fm account and set it up so that all your blog posts auto update your social media

3. Use Facebook ads to target music fans who like the same kind of music you do. If you use “pay per thousand views” and target your market really well you should be able to get your cost per click down to around 2 cent.

4. Post a video on YouTube everyday with your own songs and covers.

PHASE 3 – Now that you have traffic and people joining your mailing list you should be able to send
your new fans messages every day that make them love you.

You want to keep in mind that you should be like Santa Clause. Every time you contact your fans you bring them a great gift!

Everyone loves Santa 😉

This is a silly example but it illustrates the kind of relationship you want to create with your fans.

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