About the brand:

Founded in 2014, #CashvilleTrapGirls/Boys™ has accumulated a year of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, making us a trusted and renowned online and hands on retail merchandiser specializing in fashionable and trendy woman’s and men’s urban street wear. With so many different styles in stock, #CashvilleTrapGirls/Boys™ has become one of the largest online underground stores today.

They believe their clothes are more than just articles of clothing, they are an extension of you. A redefined look at the beauty boundaries surrounding the typical hustler. Even more so, it gives people a look at who you are, and what you represent. You have a voice with #CashvilleTrapGirls/Boys™. Help us define you!

About the CEO:

#CashvilleTrapGirls/Boys™ CEO is a bubbly young entrepreneur hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. Her unique eye catching bold style is said to be the driving force behind her views and ideas for the brand. An artist, writer, and rapper off the scene she came up with the idea while trying to find a way to connect herself with others.

“Trapping isn’t dead, and neither is its definition, but who’s to say that that definition can’t be rewritten?” ~ CEO of TrapGirl/Boy™

Email: BUYTRAPGEAR@GMAIL.COM to place an order. Tell them Transcendent Promo sent you. We placed ours! Sup

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Shirts ($25)

Shorts ($20)



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